Estate Planning


estate planning family walkAs a premier Southern California estate planning firm, we are conscious about our clients’ needs to put their houses in order and protect their families. We represent a broad client base of individuals, including those who are just beginning their financial planning, to those who are contemplating retirement and the disposition of their business interests. We have also represented businesses, fiduciaries and tax-exempt organizations in a wide range of trust and estate matters, ranging from estate plans and the settlement of estate tax issues, to the resolution of multimillion-dollar disputes over the distribution of family wealth.

We focus on the client’s needs and desired disposition of wealth, analyze the projected effects of federal and state income, transfer, and estate taxes on the client’s proposed estate plan, and we formulate and memorialize the estate plan through a variety of appropriate planning vehicles and properly drafted documents. Our practice enables us to coordinate our client’s affairs and goals under the tax and administrative laws and applicable treaties of the United States and other countries. Through vital discussions and proper counseling, we are actively engaged in preserving family harmony and structuring estate plans so as to reduce friction within the family group, and to recognize the differing needs and goals of the family members.

We understand that estate planning, administration, and when necessary, litigation, are sensitive and often trying matters. Therefore, obtaining a close attorney-client relationship is crucial when it comes to such legally complex, highly personal matters. We take the time to understand our client’s concerns and goals so we are better able to offer guidance, anticipate both familial and legal pitfalls, and design preventive strategies. Because of our extensive experience and depth, we are able to efficiently provide sophisticated and cost-effective solutions to clients’ planning needs. To further increase our efficiency and cost effectiveness of our services, we utilize experienced, highly-qualified legal assistants.